Collection: Enjoy a clean, toxin-free burn with our candles

  • Hand-poured soy candles with custom and thoughtfully blended scents
  • Premium fragrance oils free from harmful chemicals like phthalates
  • Soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and more sustainable than paraffin wax. We have begun the process of switching our candles to feature a soy-coconut wax blend. This blend outperforms 100% soy wax, giving you a cleaner burn, stronger fragrance, and longer-lasting candle. Each 8-ounce candle will now burn even longer than 40 hours!
  • Cleaner burning with less soot and toxins for healthier air quality
  • Lower burning temperature for longer-lasting candles
  • Our wicks are made from cotton + paper
  • Labels are curbside recyclable and made from paper that is sourced from responsibly managed forests.