Collection: Fragrance Oil Body Soap Bars

Wanting to offer you all a lower priced soap while still maintaining our mission to provide clean + sustainable products, we bring you a line of soaps scented with fragrance oils. 

This was something that probably took me way too long to decide, but I really had to give it some thought. What ultimately made me come to my decision was asking myself if I would use this line and feel good about it, and after a whole lot of research the answer is yes!

NOH uses premium fragrance oils that are completely phthalate, paraben, and DPG-free. They are composed primarily of aroma chemicals, aroma compounds, and some essential oils specially engineered as phthalate-free. Fragrance oils cost less and offer a huge range of scent options not possible with essential oils.

No matter what type of fragrance you choose, you can be sure that each one is custom blended and carefully formulated in house.